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Okay, do your own power rankings then.

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It is simple: Rank the top 10 teams.

Let's see if we're homers, trolls, or realists. This should be interesting.

(This is TATF since most people would put the Falcons in the top 10)

1. Giants

2. Giants

3. Ravens

4. Birds

5. Pitt

6. GB

7. Pats


9. who cares

Pissing me off the giants are playing so well, watch them, its sick, i think it will be us and them in the nfc game, but maybe them and GB but we gotta hold GB

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1. Ravens ~ Schedule has been tough, they have struggled on the road, winning close games

2. Giants ~ Been on a roll but I still can't put this team #1 just yet, pass rush is scary good

3. Steelers ~ Late loss to Ravens puts them at #3, win that they are #1

4. Falcons ~ Grinding out wins and getting the job done, BALANCE

5. Packers ~ Rodgers and Mathews are making GB forget about all their injuries

6. Jets ~ I'm still not sold on this team or Sanchez, LT could wear down too

7. Eagles ~ Have to be up here after win vs Colts

8. Colts ~ Beat the Eagles and they are #7, any Peyton team is in the top 10 regardless

9. Saints ~ Starting to find a rhythm and schedule is rather favorable

10. Patriots ~ D is not good at all and Brady has no weapons now

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Why does everyone have the Pats so high? Their football team is going to struggle the rest of the way. Offense isn't the same and defense isn't that great this year. They have the Steelers, Colts, Jets 3 of the next 4 weeks.

Pat land will be in full down meltdown mode in a month.

I hope you're right but I always am pissed off by how well they perform near the end of the season. Much like the Chargers. -_-

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NY Giants - They are winning and winning big. Looks like a Super Bowl defense.

Pittsburgh - The Steelers loss to NOLA drops them a slot.

Baltimore - Just now hitting stride and they have beaten some very tough teams.

New England - These guys are dangerously good when it matters, in January. Cleveland is tougher than you think.

Atlanta - They've won enough tough games to be here. Cleveland, Cincy, Tampa, New Orleans...these aren't cupcakes

NY Jets - Defense is solid, just not sold on Sanchez yet

Philly - This could be a severe underranking. If this is the Vick of 2002-2004 rather than the Vick of 2005-2006, lookout. Just depends on which shows up

Indy - They'll be a threat in the playoffs because they have Peyton Manning. Period.

New Orleans - #9 and rising. Plus their schedule really eases up now. They will still have to go into ATL and win to claim the NFC South though

Green Bay - As they get the walking wounded back they will improve. Just not quite there yet.

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uhK,uhK,uhK, I got a little tarded with it. I think some teams are just to close to call so, I have several ties. but, here's how I see it.

1. Steelers - depending on O-line injuries they may drop off soon.

2. Patriots - Brady and the old man are still uber dangerous

6 way tie at 3, each of these teams has what it takes to go.

3. Ravens - Good D but not convinced they are as good as the record says.

3. Falcons - Just 1 word away from pulling higher on the list, word = consistency.

3. Giants - Well balanced team, looking good.

3. Saints - Brese and a psycho genius pill popping coach, can't count em out.

3. Eagles - Team has several large holes on offense, Vick's speed and arm make the holes a non factor.

3. Titans - haven't seen em play but I hear there good.

4. Jets - People are scoring on them, can Sanchez score on a good D when his back against the wall?? I'm not convinced

5. Colts - Too banged up this year to challenge the higher teams.

6. Packers - Nicholas cage and the blonde cave man can't carry this team all year. IMO

7. Chiefs - 7s are almost mirror image of each other.

7. Raiders

8. Browns - All 8s are good are dangerous to all the teams above.

8. Rams

8. Bucs

8. Lions

8. 49ers

8. Dolphins

8. Jaguars

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