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Mruderers Row


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Well guys 6-2, not too shabby at all. Looking at the rest of the schedule is not pleasant, but I know our team is ready for it. Just a quick look at the rest of the year:


@ St. Louis

Green Bay

@ Tampa

@ Car

@ Seattle

New Orleans


Baltimore will be a tough test (for both teams involved) but I think we realistically can get the "W"

St. Louis might be a tougher test than we initially thought. However, they really have no wins over quality teams (sorry, SD is not quality this year).

Green Bay is hard for me to figure out. They beat good teams and lose to some average / bad teams. I think we can take em at the dome, but their "D" would scare me at Lambo

Tampa, we know who they are, and I think we can blow them out next time if we fix our ST.

Carolina should be an easy-ish win, same with Seattle (only the fact that it is the third straight road game scares me)

I think NO is only winning right now because they played Car. Sure, they beat the Stillers, but its any given sunday, and this time we get them at the Dome.

The last game is Car. I think its a win, unless we are resting starters.

I think we will be fighting hard for some wins at the end. But I think we can get at least five if not seven more wins.

It gets a little brutal near the end, but we have a good team.

Rise up.

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We have three games left were we might not be favored to win: Baltimore, Green Bay, and Aint's. Likewise, all of those games are in the Ga. Dome so I would hardly consider this a "murderers row" type of schedule. I feel at worse we could loose 3 games but I think we take care of business in the division.

My biggest fear is, we blow one of the three road games we have in a row. All of them could be wins, but because of all the travel, etc, we could be worn out.

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My biggest fear is, we blow one of the three road games we have in a row. All of them could be wins, but because of all the travel, etc, we could be worn out.

Your concern is valid but I just think the overall schedule is advantageous for the Falcons to get home-field advantage in at least 1 if not all play-off games. Falcons are in a position to put a strangle hold on the NFC. Win the division and inner conference games. Philly is th only "bad lose" because it was a conference game.

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Here's how I see the rest of the teams on our schedule. There's not really a "magic number" for how many victories will get you in the playoffs (or one of the top two seeds), but with how the rest of the NFC is looking this year, I think 11 wins will be enough for a bye. 12 wins might be THE top seed. We'll see.

If we win twice against Carolina, at Seattle and against St. Louis (which are all very winnable games), that puts us no worse than 10-6 at the end of the year.

Then, from the other 4 games (Baltimore, Green Bay, Tampa and New Orleans), 3 of 4 are in the Dome. If we can split these games 2-2, coupled with the suggested win/loss from the 4 games against bad teams, then 12-4 is where we sit, and almost certainly a bye week in the playoffs, and quite possibly home field through out.

But anything can happen.

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The Seattle game will be freeeezing

Seattle doesn't get all that cold, or hot for that matter. It just rains a lot. It's usually in the 40s or 50s in December, just wet. They average like 6 inches of rain per month in the winter.

That said, Seattle is one of my favorite towns. Great place. It's gorgeous.

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We have completed the hardest part of our schedule.

Of the 8 games we played - 5 games were on the road. 5 of the teams were 3-4 defenses - where we struggle mightily. The 4-3 games were - Eagles and Saints on the road - both tough, fast, opportunistic defenses. We split those. Then there is the resurgent Tampa 2 division rival.

Now in the final stretch - we have our Division Rivals where we will fight hard. We have 2 more 3-4 teams, but we do have them at home (Ravens & Green Bay)

We have Carolina at home and in Carolina.

If we lose to the Ravens - not in our Division and not in our conference - no big deal. It affects our record - but that's it as far as standings or seeding in post season.

We just need to take care of our business at home (4 games) - try to win the remaining Division home games for sure - and if possible - the 2 Division road games.

We'll be okay if we play sound football in every game and keep finding a way to win.

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I've always felt like the second half half of our schedule was brutal. Many here still do not agree. I think several posters are still penciling in wins at SEA and SEA, both of which are road games against teams vying for the NFC West title. BAL, NO, GB and TB probably won't be easy either.

We're playing SEA twice?:rolleyes::rolleyes:

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The 2 toughest games the rest of the way....**** the 3 toughest games the rest of the way are all @ home. I see them doing no worse than 2-1 against baltimore, green bay and new orleans.

3 out of 4 after baltimore and 3d straight road games will be brutal, but assuming special teams plays better than they did yesterday, the tampa game should be fairly easy, st louis is mediocre as is seattle. 2-1 @ worst.

They should sweep carolina.

No reason this team can't go 12-4 @ worst

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