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opinion: talent or coaching

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Ok so we have spent numerous picks on the OL and secondary, yet our pass protection is awful and we continue to struggle against the pass. So do we make bad picks? Bad scheme? Bad recognition by our players? Maybe some more analytical board kids can weigh in, but it just looks to me that we have an OL that are made up of run blockers, but u cant run every play. For the db's, the soft zone will give up the short stuff, but the part that kills me is those zones are implemented to stop deeper passes, and we still give those up as well. We have a good record, but assuming we get to the playoffs, teams have pretty consistent issues they can expoloit. Thoughts?

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I've seen the same problems from game to game.

Saw Dahl miss a block on the third down on the first series vs. Philly. He blocked down and Clabo took his guy outside. Guy just walked in untouched to pressure Ryan to dump off the ball incomplete.

This game....3rd down again..2 minute drill....Blalock blocks down inside and Baker has his guy on the outside. Free shot at the QB and incomplete rushed pass. Punt.

...shaking my head...

They gotta fix the OLine problems...this has been a problem ALL YEAR.

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For the line, there have been some missed assignments but most of the breakdowns have been from the defenders winning their matchups at the line.

In the secondary, I think the problem goes back to the fact that we feel like we have to blitz to get pressure on the quarterback. When we big-blitz, it leaves the corners on an island so they almost have to play off or risk getting beat deep (even more than they already do). If we could get more consistent pressure with 4 or 5, we could give more safety help to our corners and let them be more aggressive at the line, which would keep them from getting beat as consistently on the short routes. Of course, there has also been a fair amount of DB's losing their individual matchups as well which would happen regardless of the scheme...

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