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Favorite Rivalry



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  1. 1. Who is your favorite rivalry and why?

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Its gotta be the Niners for me. Just too much history there. For a decade they were the main reason we werent a playoff team. We were always a step behind them. Even when we came close, they were the ones to knock us back down.

In the current division it's a fun rivalry with the Bucs. My sister and bro-in-law are big Buc fans.

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I voted for the niners because I am from California, and always enjoyed SF/ATL games even before I knew where Atlanta was on the map. They always were good games. Now that I live here, I still enjoy them because of the same reason.

The exception was September 2009, when I almost felt sorry for the SF fans. What a beatdown.

The Bucs and the Saints - I just hate them. The Bucs because they got their claim to fame because Chucky had the Raiders playbook, and we all know it. Even Sapp admitted that they knew what they were going to run.

I can't stand the Saints because of their fair weather (baghead to Superfan) fans. Once NO returns to their usual, perennial doormat ways, all those bandwaggoneers will be gone, and we all know it.

Cowboys are no rivals of anyone right now. They are pitiful, and we all know it.

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