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Just Did My ProBowl Voting


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Well just filled out my first ballot. But I don't vote a straight falcons ticket. Here are the guys who made my list.

Matty Ice - 1714 yds, 12 TD's, 5 int's, and 61.5% comp pct. Honestly, name a QB in the NFC whose playing better right now? My other QB's were Rodgers and E. Manning.

Turner - Okay, frankly he wouldn't be my starter that goes to A.P., but probowl means top 3 and I think Turner makes that cut.

Ovie - C'mon give the most unhearlded player at the most unhearlded position some love.

Roddy - If I have to explain this to you - you're a moron. My other WR's were Hakeem Nicks, Santanna Moss (he's on my fantasy team so I feel I owe him), and Greg Jennings.

Tony G - This was more a life-time achievement vote than a probowl vote. My other guy was Witten (also on my fantasy team)

Dahl - someone from the o line had to go.

Abraham - The ol predator is back not a starter but should go.

Babs - This trip to Hawaii is overdue.

Lofton - Most underated defender in the league.

Willie Mo - Name a SS in the NFC whose better.

Just see these guys as being the Falcons worthy of a trip.

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