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Team Herzlich/Baldwin (complete draft included)


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Walsh is probably the most hyped kicker in 10 years, Like I said if he wasn't having a down year and by down year I mean missing more than 3 (he's 20-24 and 36-37 XPA) he would probably go in the 5th. He'd be insane to stay in another year, especially if the lockout does happen.

I'd probably agree.

He'd go in the 5th anyway.

the lockout isn't happening.

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I said it in the other forum, but Herzlich stock is in free fall right now. I wouldn't be surprised to see him fall to the 4th or even lower come draft day. I don't expect him to check out too well in the medicals - dude has a rod in one of his legs. I would take a shot at him in the 3rd/4th though, because he has great character.

As for OT's their stock is all over the place right now, I can see only 2 , maybe 3 OT going in the first: Costanzo, Sherrod and maybe Barksdale. I think Carimi, Love and Solder will all go in the 2nd.

Overall nice mock though.

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