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Sorry Xnex


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I'll be pulling for the Gamecocks to win the SEC Championship now that UGA is definitely out of it. I know a lot of UGA fans dislike Gamecock fans, but I'll always respected you guys, considering how much love you guys show your school despite how they seem to under perform every season. The reason I apologize is it seems like I'm cursed, every team I pull for seems to fall short....**** Braves, Falcons, Bulldawgs and even the Hawks.

Anyway good luck the rest of the way, especially tonight, seems like it'll be a good game.

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Well thanks for the support Andrew; and you'll fit right in with the Gamecock faithful since we are all cursed anyway. Hopefully we can win tonight and prevent Mallett from putting up pinball numbers on us at our place. But thanks for your support.

All help is welcomed. :D

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Like I said last night; I was worried about this happening and it did. Arkansas did exactly what I feared they might do going into it. They were the worst team we could have faced last night out of the entire SEC. I really believe that.

We've struggled against the pass all season long. Last week we lost a starting cb, Chris Culliver, for the season with a torn pectoral muscle. This week we started CC Whitlock, who I think is probably our best pure man to man corner, but he sprained his neck on the first play of the second half. I think he was knocked unconscious as when he hit the ground his arms immediately stiffened and he looked like a boxer who's been KTFO. I've seen that look about 6 times in my life and it's always when someone has been KO'ed. Our supposed superstar cb, Stephon Gilmore has struggled all season long, and has taken a step backward, IMO. Just heard an update that CC has a concussion and is unlikely against UF. :(

Our safeties missed several tackles last night, and I have no idea why that happened.

It's obvious that Marcus Lattimore was injured last night and I'm not sure if he will be able to come in next week and compete. That will hurt a ton. Once it was obvious that he was unable to compete like he normally does, the Arkansas defense just went wild with the pass rush and Garcia struggled to get the time needed to make a decent pass in the second half.

We had our starting center come off of the field limping badly and I worry that he might have been seriously hurt as well.

I really don't think this is the "same ole Gamecocks" as in seasons past which saw us fall prey to "the orange crush". I think we are down to walk-on's playing starting minutes at the cb spot, and we have little depth at safety if something happens to one of those guys. I worry that Spurrier will see how bad it is and make a decision to pull the redshirt off of Victor Hampton the 4 star cb we've been trying to sit this year.

I don't think we're gonna have enough warm bodies to compete down in Gainesville. We were thin in the defensive backfield going into Arkansas and now we are decimated back there.

Even getting hammered like we did last night, there were 4 or 5 plays that would have made it a much closer game had we made them. For some reason we stopped trying to pressure Mallett with blitzes last night and when that happened their offense just kicked it into high gear.

In short, I believe that it will take a near miracle to win at UF next week. We're down to bare bones right now and it doesn't look good at all.

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I can't believe this Florida team could really win this division this year. What a horrible year for the East.

Feeling pretty dang certain the SEC champs come out of the West this year. Unless UGA beats Auburn, the only teams from the East that have beaten a team from the West will be South Carolina over Bama and Vandy over Ole Miss. :blink:

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