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Sam Baker


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5 minutes ago - Coach Mike Smith said LT Sam Baker has been improving the last two weeks. That's a turnaround, given that Baker's play was sluggish at the start of the season. "I think he's feeling healthier," Smith said. "He started the season and wasn't 100 percent. But he's feeling healthier and playing better." Falcons RapidReports

This is my problem with Baker... The healthy Baker and injured Baker are two totally different players... Its been this way every since his USC days... Also the Coaching Staff will never let you know when a guy is player hurt so fans wont know.

This why i didnt get why he was so inconsistent/bad... He has the tools to be a LT in this league... He shown the ability when healthy... Its just the guy cant stay healthy.

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Last 2 games? He got mauled by Trent Cole and the Bengals have a poor pass-rush. I'm not buying it, I don't think Sam Baker can ever be a franchise LT.

This. The Bengals may have the worst pass-rush in the league. I'm not gonna be quick to credit that to Baker getting way better all of a sudden.

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