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Interesting. That is the way it was in Pittsburgh. The stadium was empty for the first quarter. It was odd.

That is good to hear that the fans are mostly good. Places like Philly are **** to go to because the fans are jerks. We have had pretty decent luck with the places that we have been to for the most part. Any pointers for what to do while we are in town? I have been told to go to Varsity's to eat. Still deciding on bars/etc. What should we expect for pre-game? Is it pretty crazy, or do most fans not get there until later as well?


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Lot A (The Gulch) is all you need to know. There are other happening lots but I prefer A.

Sweet, thanks for the insight guys. Now on to the game, any input or thoughts? Or should I wait until closer. Are you focus on handing it to the Bucs? I hope you will, I have Turner on my fantasy team. He need to turn it up, less Roddy, more Turner! :)

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