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If Cam Newton decides to come out next year, would you get him if he was available?


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Why in H3LL would you even ask that?!?

Trust me I played with Cam in high school. He has the work ethic and all of the tools to be a top QB in this league. My cousin also played DE in with the Raiders and said Jamarcus never wanted to be a #1 QB he just wanted the money. That's the difference.

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This has to be a joke, and a bad one at that.

It's no joke and I kid you not. If you're telling me that you don't think Cam will be a star in this league then you must be joking with yourself. And I wish you would tell me why you would think that in the first place.

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Early in the game versus the Bengals, someone in my section screamed, "We need to draft Cam Newton!" Presuming that they meant as a QB, I said back to them, "We don't need a running back." (Though I wouldn't mind a versatile speed back)

I think we have that speed back in Gartrell Johnson. From what I've seen with one or two plays this can be our change of pace guy.

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There are some players that could come out that I would love to see in a Falcon's uni but they are as improbable as Newton. I like A.J. Greene from GA, Julio Jones from Alabama And the wr at Arkansas(I believe his name is Kidd) but unless TD engineers a trade steal, they will be long gone when the Falcon's draft.

This is true, and I for one would love to have Cam as a back-up to Ryan right now, but the players who can come in and help us right away is AJ Green. That kid is a pro bowl type receiver.

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