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CB Chase Minnifield UVA


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Add another talent to the junior cornerback list

Someone had to step up in the Virginia secondary this season in the absence of CB Ras-I Dowling and that guy has been fellow corner Chase Minnifield, who put on another strong performance this week vs. a talented Miami receiving corps. Minnifield is a tall, long-armed field corner who showcases good fluidity to his game when asked to turn and run and is at his best tracking the football down the field. He does get a bit leggy at times when asked to quickly redirect and change directions and will prematurely open up the gate off the line. However, he showcases good physicality when asked to press, is patient with his punch and has some of the best ball skills I have seen this season when going up to get the football. He finished the day with two interceptions and on both occasions was quickly able to locate the throw, keep his feet under him and maintain balance while aggressively going up and attacking the football. Overall, he’s a talented kid with good speed, fluidity and ball skills and has the makings of developing into a starting caliber corner to me at the next level, if not in year one then at some point in season two.


I loved watching his dad play with Cleveland. Frank was one of the best CB's

to play the game.

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