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Falcons have scored 50 points off of 15 turnovers this season. Our 11 INTs tie for 4th in the NFL.

Okay Buc fans - before you come in here and start mucking up my thread - You have scored 40 points off of 18 turnovers and have 14 INTs

However - without turnovers involved - we have scored 119 points. Bucs have scored 96 points.

So - we've scored more points from less turnovers and more points from no turnovers. :lol:

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I like this one.

The bucs have been crushed by the two teams they played that were worth a ****. The crappy teams that they did manage to beat they were getting crushed and had to come from behind to do so. They have not had one dominant performance the entire year. Sorry but beating the panthers 20-7 isn't going to cut it.

Here are the total points for and against for both teams against the same 5 teams we have played this year which would be steelers, saints, cards, browns, bengals.


136 - 88

(TB) (OPP)

98 - 139

Say wha?

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Yes - we've scored 1 defensive TD because they took away Grimes TD which sucked. I think the Bucs have scored 3 on D.

Yeah I didn't get that one. There is supposed to be solid evidence to over-turn and at best it was 50/50 on replay. Still, Biermann's will probably stand as the most spectacular of the season.

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