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Some Interesting NFC South Stats

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Well I'm a big fan of the NFCS. One of the best divisions in the league since realignment. Very competitive. Extremely close.

Since the NFCS was formed in 2002 no team has won consecutive division championships. On top of that, every team that finished last in the division went to the playoffs the next year. Wow.

Each team has appeared in a conference championship game. In fact, an NFCS team has appeared in the NFC conference championship game in seven of the eight seasons since realignment.

Here are the NFCS stats as of today:

9-08-02 through 11-1-10


CAR - 29-21 (.580)

NO - 25-26 (.490)

ATL - 23-26 (.469)

TB - 23-27 (.460)


CAR - 72-63 (.533)

NO - 71-65 (.522)

ATL - 69-65-1 (.511)

TB - 65-70 (.482)


NO - 4-1 (.800)

CAR - 5-3 (.625)

TB - 3-2 (.600)

ATL - 2-3 (.400)


TB - 1-0 (1.000)

NO - 1-1 (.500)

CAR - 1-2 (.333)

ATL - 0-1 (.000)


NO - 1-0 (1.000)

TB - 1-0 (1.000)

CAR - 0-1 (.000)

ATL - 0-0 (.000)

Interesting that if CAR had beaten NE in the Bowl they could lay claim to the division. Fox knows how to win in the division. Keep your eye on him folks.

I think there is a scenario where we can take over just about all of these categories. I think it is something like win the South, beat TB in the NFCCG and bring home a Lombardi while NO loses a few more games and CAR continues to suck. Sounds good to me. What yall think?

Disclaimer: I compiled these stats because I was suffering from an OCD attack. Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of them.

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Worst to first streak ended in 08. Had we won the division Ryan's rookie year, we would have continued the streak then.

as it happened, if New Orleans had not allowed Carolina to score in the last minute of the last game of the season, we would have won the division, first round bye, and a home playoff game instead of being on the road in Arizona.

Stupid Taints

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More interesting stats. Every team in the NFCS has a winning record against at least one other NFCS team.

CAR - 11-6 against NO, 11-6 against TB

NO - 10-7 against ATL, 9-8 against TB

ATL - 9-7 against CAR

TB - 9-7 against ATL

Interesting that we could even that up to a .500 split if we manage to beat Tampa both games this season. ^_^

Also interesting to note that Carolina has typically dominated the Bucs and Saints, yet lost to us frequently over the years. A lot of those wins over the Panthers must've come from the Vick years -- I remember them always having trouble matching up against him.

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