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OH BYE WEEK.............


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In my grad program, we have something called "Lead Teach Week" where we are fully responsible for all the lessons, every moment of class, all week (instead of just watching or co-teaching with our mentor). I deliberately planned my Lead Week for after the Falcons' bye, knowing that's the only way I'd have a productive Sunday of planning. :lol:

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Cheer for los Cowboys to get their second win. My friend is a 49er fan and says the Cowboys and 49ers could be looking to have a Dunces Bowl. First team to get 2 wins. Anyways, I think I will be cheering on teams playing against NFC South Rivals and LOS COWBOYS just for humor. I mean give them a break. 1 more loss at the death star, and they will rename the stadium to death star.

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The Steelers/Saints game is easily the most important of the week. We really do not need an upset there. I still think the saints could get back in it.

If the bucs win one out west I might have to start believing in them. Right now I think they are way over-achieving.

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Hawks last night who beat PHI.

Dawgs today who lost.

Thrashers who won last night and are playing tonight.

Hawks tonight who are at home and up by 4 in the first half.

NFL tomorrow. Will be looking at our next two opponents (TB and BAL).

Gonna try to squeeze in a movie Sunday. Maybe the Matt Dillon movie.

I wish I could get excited about the Hawks. Looking forward to the NO, TB and Bal, games. I have a feeling the Saints are gonna beat the Steelers. Matt Dillon movie looks decent.

You live in Atl?

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