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And to think I actually thought Warren Sapp was credible.


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I'm not sure if there was a topic on this already, but this is just absolutely unbelievable.

Warren Sapp doesn't think Roddy White is a top five receiver - he says: "Roddy White is in one of those positions where it's 'keep climbing, son.'"

I'm sorry - White has had three **** good seasons and is working on his fourth. Let's also neglect the fact he's leading the NFL in receiving. This is disheartening because I used to think Sapp was one of the credible analysts on NFL Network - the fact that he seemingly knows nothing about White says a lot about his knowledge.

I'm just baffled right now. It seems way out of character for him.


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Interesting that Baldy and Wilcox were talking about Roddy on NFL Network. They say that Roddy is the most targeted player in the NFL. Also, they broke down how well he runs routes, and do the little things. If anyone watches our highlight, you will also see that Mularkey is not that bad. Roddy has been doing it with or without someone on the other side. You can't say that about none of the other top receivers in the NFL. I would only ask Warren Sapp this: Can you name 5 receivers that are better than Roddy White in the NFL?

Anyone can argue for Andre Johnson, and it would not be much of a debate. I just need the other 4.

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its called an opinion. i think he knows a little more about football than you.

I fail to see the correlation between those two.

Ironically enough, it's my opinion (well, it's a fact in this case, but just for the sake of this argument) that Sapp doesn't know what he's talking about.

We're on the same page?

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