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Roddy's Interview

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I'm checking out Matthew Ice, Mike Smith's, and Roddy's interviews and Roddy was asked a question about if the bye week came at a good time.

Roddy replied saying yes people need to get heathy and ready for the run, he said we have 12 straight games, I mean 8 or 9 straigh games and we got to go try and when them all.

This might not seem like much but after a look at the schedule, the 12th game from now if we get a bye in the playoffs would be the Super Bowl.

That got me really pumped. We dont hear much talk like that and he kept it under wraps when he said it. But to here abig tome player from the Falcons to mention something like that is great. I know they have always believed they can win the big game but it seems as if they now its our time and it was cool to hear Roddy MVP White throw that out there.

I know this probably doesnt mean much to some people but as Falcons fans we know our time is coming the Falcons know our time is coming and its great to hear stuff like that.

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