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I have been a member on these boards for along time, but rarely post. That being said I am sorry to see falco have to leave. Supes, as you know, I have been a supporter of yours for years and it sucks the way that it ended for you. Your smack is always right on cue and the only people who would be put out by it would be the other teams fans, so I would chalk tht up as a victory for the team. But I guess now that hitting isnt allowed in the sport that we call the NFL we might as well kill smack talk and rivalry feelings also. Here soon we are going to have a hug a saint day at the dome so as not to offend anyone. And to take the hick'ry stick away is a slap in the face to me and every other fan who comes on here votes and supports the team, but then again I sure that being a fan will not be tollerated soon either.

P.S. Emmitt brace yourself they will be head hunting for your prognostifications next.

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