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Questions we would love to ask Matt Ryan


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I love the Falcons, and I am happy that Matt Ryan is our QB. It still amazes me how the Falcons had the

rights to Farve, Schaub, and Vick -- and after all the bizzare events that have occured (including the

Ark. sooouie-PIG), they still have emerged with a potentially top QB.

I think it is still impossible to determine if he will become a Tom Brady type, or just maybe another

Carson Palmer. Bottom line, can he substantially improve year to year? does he have limitations or

flaws that would prohibit him from becoming a 'top 5' elite QB?

I know he's a smart guy, studies film, and works hard at improving his skills mentally and physically.

So, I for one, feel that he will remain a vital component of the Falcons going forward.

Having given the master his due, I do have a couple of easy questions that I would like to ask him.

Passing plays - when there are 3 or 4 (and sometimes even 5) receivers in the game on a designed

pass play -- I would love to hear some percentages tossed out based on the way you see it in live

action. I understand that different plays are designed with different primary options.

So, what percentage of the time do you end up throwing to the #1 option? How often are you able to

scan the field and see if the 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th options are wide open? Do you feel the O-line

will give you the time for downfield strikes to develop?

My only advice, from an ignorant fan, would be to work on moving your eyes. I ain't saying anything that

you aren't already aware of, but there have been times when your head and eyes were locked in on one receiver

the entire play. This creates two major problems: #1 - you haven't scanned your other options -- who may

be wide open. and #2 you have to look-off the safety or he will immediately shoot to the area he knows you

are going to throw to - and blow up the play.

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