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Don't shoot the messenger, but here is what Adam Caplan had to say:

"Atlanta had a nice bounce-back victory over Cincinnati last week, but it's clear that they still have issues in their secondary. Yes, I'm aware that CB Dunta Robinson didn't play, but I'm also not convinced Brent Grimes should be in the starting lineup on the other side, either."

He had us ranked 8th overall. How could someone watch that game and politic for Owens to take Grimes spot?

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the real funny thing is that people get paid to write and publish this crap lol... Is this dude serious? How Can he comment on a player he clearly hasnt been paying attention too?

That's really simple anyone with the proper vehicle can be an expert on matters be it a radio mic, a TV camera or blog/newspaper, any one that has a public outlet is viewed as an expert when they could be clueless on the subject they're talking about. Those commentating on ESPN/CNN/Fox News/etc. are only as good as their informed opinion or teleprompter allows them to be.

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Because he didn't watch the game

Basically. He probably saw the numbers from this game and assumed Grimes was the issue. Grimes has been great this year as far as I'm concerned.

That said, these guys can't really give thorough analysis to all 32 teams. They gotta shortcut and BS a little bit.

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For decade upon decade, teams won while others lost. Some teams went winless, while others built dynasties. All this happened before there were any "power rankings". Wanna know why? Because these "power rankings" and the attached opinions (whether good or bad) don't mean a damned thing. Pretty sure they don't give out Lombardi Trophies based on "power rankings".

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