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Roddy White Highlights

Top Flight

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Actually, we are a pass first team...

2010- 229 RUSHES, 252 PASSES

2009- 451 RUSHES, 570 PASSES

2008- 560 RUSHES, 434 PASSES

2008 was the last season we were a run first team.

thoes numbers a screwed a bit cause u gotta remember turner and norwood was hurt for a bunch of games... which is why we threw the ball more.....

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ON that 2 point conversion it looks like that throw was actually for Jenkins but White made an awesome catch, because Jenkins was wide open in the back of the endzone.

That same play, in the upper part of the screen, you can see Adam Jones trying to jam Eric Weems, but somehow and dont ask me how, he gets knocked out :huh:

Did he get a concussion?

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Yeah. Thats the reason I voted for Weems to the Probowl. Only returnman with pimp hands :lol::lol:

I just looked at that, he got knocked out LOL. I know you are joking but Weems is a below average return man and I cant wait until we replace him with another return man, but i still think he can be on special teams and apart of the WR rotation.

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