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Falcons vs Bengals 30 minute replay


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they do it with all the games on there !

Ive got the whole season in 30 min clips good stuff.

I really like it, but don't look away because you will miss a play.

When I watched this time I noticed that C. Owens looked really tired towards the end of the game, which is understandable because they were throwing his way a lot and he had to tackle a very physical T. Owens a lot. Jenkins also looked a little tired, which makes since because has missed a lot of playing time.

I saw M. Palmer have a couple of nice blocks, and one got Turner in the endzone. G. Johnson not only made a good block to help Weems on a kick return, but also had a tackle. I also Sidbury in on Defense for one snap, but it was a running play that went to the other side of the field.

Just a few things I noticed that I haven't seen mentioned.

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