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What was the official in this photo looking at?


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PA249087aholdingsmall.jpg I saw this all day long and had to take a picture of it. Is he blind or what???

1) I should call a penalty on defense for wearing a Man scarf but I can't remember the signal.

2) (muttering to self under breath in a scared chattering tone) Large black man, Large black man, Stand still, try not to pee, they can smell fear and urine, don't pee don't pee.

3)(distracted pondering thought) Why doesn't anyone take the time to choke me any more, I know I put on a few pound in the off-season but Dan Levak still thinks I'm sexy.

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It reminds me of Basketball and what is considered traveling but not called. The rulebook has a clear definition of traveling, and the refs have another, especially for superstar players.

I laugh and shake my head when I see someone take it to the hole from half court and dribble the ball once.

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