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Did Sid get non-ST's play?


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I don't think he's playing any on defense. It was just Abe, Bier, Davis, and Anderson switching out.

That's what I thought. I had a radio feed, and I thought they mentioned him on ST's, but I don't think I ever heard his name on D. That's disappointing, because we could use some pass rushers.

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I saw him in on one pass rush package. I made it a point to watch him. But I don't recall what happened on the play. I think someone called a timeout and he was subbed out.

He needs more snaps. Abe is obviously playing hurt and needs as much rest as possible. If we KNOW they are gonna pass, fresh legs would help occasionally.

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He came on for one play with 2:07 left in the fourth quarter. It was a run play that cut back away from his side though if my memory serves he wasn't a headless chicken trying to get up field at all costs but showed some awareness.

It was jut the one play though. Interestingly Jerry was in a lot more than he has been, even in some non third down situations.

I've done the player participation for PFF for it, so have a breakdown of what players were in and when

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