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Bucs Coach.. “We’re the best team in the NFC,’’

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By Pat Yasinskas

There are gifts that keep on giving, and then there is Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris.

While the man has grown tremendously as a coach, he has yet to learn the art of subtlety and knowing his place in the world. We can’t make this stuff up, so let’s just throw it out there.

“We’re the best team in the NFC,’’ Morris said. “Yeah, I said it. We’re excited.’’

Morris and Tampa Bay fans should be excited. The Bucs clearly are a team on the rise. But “the best team in the NFC?"

I don’t know for sure because it’s a strange year, but I feel pretty secure in saying the Bucs aren’t even the best team in the NFC South. The Atlanta Falcons are 5-2 and they’ve had some victories against good teams. The New Orleans Saints are still the Super Bowl champions. Even though the Saints lost to Cleveland on Sunday, memory tells me they thumped the Bucs last week.

We won’t go too far with this, but I think the Eagles, Giants, Packers, Bears and Redskins could be better than the Bucs when all is said and done. But I’ll give the Bucs this much. If they were in the NFC West, they’d be the best team in the division – by far.

Folks, Morris' type of statement is the very reason the "comments'' section is on this blog. Go ahead, have a field day.

What the ****?

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I guess if you beat your win total from last year, your bound to get overly excited. They have won some very close games against some weak teams. They have also lost big time against the Steelers and Saints. Best? I don't think so. Their wins have come from, Rams, Browns, Bengals and Panthers. They have yet to shown they can beat a legit team.

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Attitudes like that will infect your team and run rampant. Next thing you know, your team will have lost two or three straight. Like the article said, he needs to learn some subtlety. Team reflects leadership and tahat point of view screams "flash in a pan" success. I am not saying this just b/c he is the coach of a division rival. This is simple truth. Pride comes before the fall. In my opinion, there are several teams better than they are, to include the Falcons and the Saints who flicked them off like it aint funny last week.

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HA!!!!!! Alright, best team in the NFC, can't wait to see ya in the Georgia Dome in two weeks! Roddy's got a Hick'ry Stick to acquaint you with.

Let the Bucs have their little comment, they got trashed by the saints. And their going to get a azz whoopin in 2 weeks. ^_^

They have beaten a bunch of bottom feeders. ;)

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