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  1. 1. Based on his performance against Cincy, who should be in the running for the 2nd quarterly HSA?

    • John Abraham
    • Matt Ryan
    • Curtis Lofton
    • Roddy White
    • Michael Turner
    • Brian Williams
    • Eric Weems
    • An O-line man of your choice: Name him in your post, please!
    • William Moore
    • Brent Grimes
    • Not listed? Name in your post!

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Thank goodness it's the bye week! My blood pressure needs a break from its skyrocketing Sunday spikes. ^_^

Despite a quarter of, as Smitty has deemed it, Halloween-ish play, we rallied and played one heck of a game coming off a very tough loss. Matty Ice throwing lasers, Lofton forcing fumbles, Roddy White playing like a d*mn machine (he's determined to hold on to that Hick'ry Stick with an iron grasp), Abe continuing to scavenge for his prey, Turner barreling through the holes, Weems busting out a big return when sorely needed, Williams ready to roll with the fumbled ball, Moore makin' hits, Grimes breaking up plays, O-line giving a pocket and holes.

So c'mon in and vote (limit of 3, please) and then relax for a bit. We're atop the NFC South (atop the entire NFC, in fact!), and we come back in two weeks rested and healthy to pick up the-head-to-head against them Bucs. Let's keep it rolling, friends! :P

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i took Ryan and Roddy. Gotta give credit to Roddy for making the clutch catches and being there, but Ryan's numbers were ridiculous for the first part of the game.

At one point, his was 15 of 19, with one incompletion being a drop by gonzo and the other one a slight overthrow of palmer(i thought palmer slowed down cuz he got turned around awkward looking for the pass)

My write in vote, Brent Grimes. He played big, had a couple of beautiful PBU, (especially that jumping one from behind T.O.) and was laying some big hits.

So, i actually voted for three players, but i ultimatley have to give it to Ryan for the amazing stick throws on those deep routes and plays by Roddy(and especially hearing Roddy say that was Ryan's play call in the huddle).

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Ryan was definitely one of my 3 votes today. Laser to Finn for first score; plenty of beauties to Roddy; and I just have to give respect to anybody who is drilled like that and only sits out ONE play.

I thought i was going to be murdered at the game. When they lined up for that play, i turned to some of the guys in my section and said "i hate the empty backfield set. it just scares me with no-one on his blindside like that." Then he got hit and didn't get right back up, i thought i had cursed and jinxed it and was going to be beaten to death right there in the stands.

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I went with White, Ryan, and Turner, but I think Grimes should be in the running too. At one point the announcer said he was one of the best cb's in the league!

Even though they reversed the call, that WAS a fumble recovered for a td. Grimes continues to improve

They sure avoided him today.

They may say they don't know his name or they may call him short but he has definitely earned their respect!

Go Grimes!

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I don't know what's wrong with me. Two weeks in a row, I have been 100% sure that I put in Grimes. Two weeks in a row, when someone points it out, I realize I haven't. Peyton is going to hunt me down. ^_^

And I'm sorry Mighty Mite!!!! :(

Its easy to overlook him 'cause how short he is...........lol no harm no foul. Good work as usual though BC

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Hands down Roddy tore up the no name CB's. Secondly I would say Ryan took some shots downfield, stayed in the pocket and took some shots, and finally at 73% accuracy with some unfortunate drops and a run for a first Ryan is showing he has been working hard. Thirdly, I love Abe getting his two sacks to pull up to 7th most in the league so far at 5.

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