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NFL must protect defenders.


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50k fine for Benson too please, this is nonsense.

Im not saying that Benson should be fined, Im just saying that the RB in this case is seriously part of why DeCould is injured, and regardless of being a runner or not it is very dangerous. Imagine if DeCould have tried to form tackle him there.. I cant even think of the consequences.

I know our own RB does this as well, but still, it needs to be adressed if the NFL is really concerned about the life altering injuries in football.

If they dont, I think they are seriously displaying double standards.

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There is a defenseless rule for widerecievers, because they cannot react or defend themselfs against a tackle, when trying to catch the ball.

Why would a rule that defends a defender who has engaged a tackle to the opponent, against a move that puts him in jeopardy of being hit to the head be a bad idea?

You might think Im joking, but Im quite serious. I dont see the difference. WR's go after the ball, defenders go after the ballcarrier. Where is the difference..?

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