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Georgia vs. Kentucky - Game Thread


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they were one fumble reversal away from beating auburn.. they beat south carolina and they have an explosive offense who scored all over that south carolina defense that held bama in check. This is a gigantic matchup with UF. We have momentum so let's go in there and leave with a win.

uga has all the momentum and florida is stuck in reverse it seems. honestly as bad as i hate uga, i see them beating us 10 right now. if this happens it will be ugly down in gainesville for the following week.

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commings has done very very good. he is very physical and has the speed and technique to stay with whoever he is covering and he has very good hands. we need a few more commings on this team.

Sanders is 6'3" and about 220 lbs. It's the perfect size for our system and I'm glad he's finding success.

As for the D- I'm all for improvement. It is UNACCEPTABLE for us to take the pedal off after the first half. I' don't care how good Kentucky was and all they did against someone else. If we need to be good, we have to be relentless for 4 quarters. I'm alright if players make mistakes- it happens, but lack of effort is horrifying to me for a team that has 4 losses- we can not fall back into the same the same bad habits. I thought this was a chance for the D to make a statement, but after the horrible results on 3rd down and in the second half, I'm disappointed.

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