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PFF Review @Eagles


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In a result no one saw coming, Philadelphia exploded past the Falcons thanks in large part to the playcalling of Marty Mornhinweg and Andy Reid.

The big matchup of the day was John Abraham against King Dunlap, but the Eagles’ use of misdirection kept Abraham from pinning his ears back forcing him to play more disciplined. Both teams lost key players in DeSean Jackson and Dunta Robinson as the result of a devastating hit, but that opened the door for a big day by sophomore receiver Jeremy Maclin.

Falcons: Three performances of note

Right tackle Tyson Clabo (+4.2) continued a strong start to the season against the Eagles. He completely shut down the surging Juqua Parker (-2.4 pass rush), allowing no pressure whatsoever and finishing with a +2.9 rating protecting the QB. A week after being abused against the Browns in the run game, Clabo showed much improvement finishing with a +0.9 rating.

We highlighted Abraham’s huge advantage in our “Marquee Matchups” article earlier in the week. But the veteran just didn’t show up (-3.4). His performance was typified by a loss of contain on an early Jackson end-around, which resulted in a 30-yard TD. He couldn’t get off blocks, either, with just one stop on one tackle throughout the game — even when he did shed blocks, he failed to bring his man down (one missed tackle). Abraham (-2.4) failed to register a single pressure when rushing the passer, but it can’t have helped his cause that the Falcons often opted to drop him into coverage on third down.

Not every member of the Falcons’ secondary was responsible for the big numbers Kevin Kolb put up. Cornerback Brent Grimes (+3.6) was good in every facet of the game. He registered a +3.6 rating, making five stops among 11 tackles. He was also very good in coverage (+2.0), allowing four targets on five attempts but for only an 8.2 average (41 yards). Grimes chipped in for one pass defensed and allowed one touchdown. He had tight coverage on Maclin for the TD he conceded, but it was a perfectly thrown ball by Kolb.

Eagles: Three performances of note

After a solid display against the 49ers, Kolb (+6.1) came alive against the Falcons. He was impeccable throwing beyond 10 yards, 8 of 9 for 236 yards and two TDs with only an INT soiling his stat sheet. He was also nearly as just as good under pressure (+2.0) as when he had time to throw. On the six times pressure got to him, Kolb was 4/5 for 56 yard and a TD, recording a 152.9 QB rating.

Considering Abraham’s poor day, it’s no coincidence Dunlap (+2.6) came out with such a good rating. Prior to the Falcons game, Dunlap had given up around a pressure every six dropbacks. On Sunday he didn’t allow any, taking home a +1.4 rating in pass protection. Dunlap was even better in the ground game, making Abraham and backup DLE Chauncey Davis non-factors. The only mistake he made in the game was a personal foul penalty against Kroy Biermann.

We’re fed up of mentioning how good Trent Cole (+8.0) is, so we’ll talk about DRT Antonio Dixon (+2.6) instead. Signed from the Redskins’ practice squad in 2009, Dixon has shown a lot of potential in his sophomore season. Getting a chance to start after an injury to incumbent Brodrick Bunkley, Dixon came up big. It wasn’t a big statistical game — only two tackles, an assist and one stop — but Dixon (+1.9 run defense) was a huge part of shutting down Michael Turner on the ground. He was also just above average (+0.1) when rushing the passer, registering a hit on 17 rushes.

Rookie report

Defensive tackle Corey Peters (-2.8) struggled against the interior of the Eagles’ line. … Michael Palmer (-1.1) struggled with his run blocking all day.

Rookie receiver Chad Hall (-1.1) caught one ball for 5 yards but also dropped a pass. … Nate “The Great” Allen (-3.5), typically, struggled a week after being made our leader for Rookie of the Year. … Brandon Graham (-0.3) was better against the run but could only generate one pressure when rushing the passer from his LDE spot. … Safety Kurt Coleman (-0.9) was average aside from committing another foolish personal foul penalty.

Random notes

Cole (two sacks, two hits, two pressures) generated as much pressure as the entire Atlanta defense (one sack, one hit, four pressures). … Maclin caught all seven passes to him for 160 yards and two TDs.


Abraham was also in the bad-day team of the week:

Defensive End — John Abraham, Atlanta (-3.4)

From completely destroying Joe Thomas one week to drawing a blank against King Dunlap the next? What happened to Abraham?

As I had thought, Clabo is still pretty serviceable. I think he and McClure are able to start on our OLine next year. Dahl and Baker have got to go, imo. Baker is terrible and Dahl is too mediocre, he does nothing special. I'll keep an eye on Blalock too. Brent Grimes has improved in tackling immensely compared to last week where he missed 4 tackles. Good work and he'll continue to improve. I didn't like him so much before this season but he is a really good corner that's always improving. Peters, just like in college, seems to be inconsistent. Some games he'd play like a 6-year veteran, otherwise very much like a rookie.

Roll on, Cinncinati.

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I think in all fairness we have to acknowledge that Abe was playing hurt. That being said if the guy was hurt enough so he wasn't effective why the crap did the coaching staff have him in the game. All in all the coaching staff from Mike Smith on down laid an egg in this game.

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I think the Eagles just did a great job of finding ways to neutralize Abe and his pass rush. With all the misdirection that the Eagles ran to his side, Abe really had to stay honest and honor his contain duties.

Between that and occasionally chipping, they relegated him to a non-factor. It was just great game-planning by the Eagles' brass. Really impressive.

We have a defense that plays fast and likes to fly to the football. So pre-snap and post-snap, they just got our anxious defense flying in so many directions until we became hesitant and unsure. We were on our heels the entire day.

The Eagles jumped on us very fast. Took the wind out of our sails very early. With the offense failing to move the ball or score early, the Eagles were able to take chances in their play-calling, and it worked beautifully for them.

I can only wish our offensive game-planning was as imaginative and unpredictable.

(After every incomplete attempt on first down, the next play call is a guaranteed run.)

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Some act like Abe was a bum.... Playbook broke it down... They rolled the O-Line in his direction, misdirection plays, and max protection...

This was a game Kroy Biermann had to do his thing on since he mostly had 1 on 1 battles... Philly was not letting Abe beat them.

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