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Zimmerman on Petrino: He's a gutless (bleep). Quote that.

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I know Petrino is old news but we are playing Cincinnati this week and Zimmer(I don't know why I put Zimmerman in the title sorry) is coming back to Atlanta. In this article he shares his feelings about Petrino and it's kinda funny how much disrespect he has for him. I can't say that I don't agree with everything he says though.


Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer will return to Atlanta for the first time since 2007, when he was on then-coach Bobby Petrino's Falcons staff. Petrino left Atlanta when the team was 3-10 that year to take over at the University of Arkansas, angering everyone in the Falcons' organization.

"I was never even there, as far as I am concerned," Zimmer said Wednesday. "I was never even there. When a coach quits in the middle of the year and ruins a bunch of peoples' families and doesn't have enough guts to at least finish out the year, I am not a part of that.

"You can put that in the Arkansas News-Gazette. I don't really (care). I am serious. He is a coward. Put that in quotes."

Zimmer said he has never been in a situation similar to the one in Atlanta. He came to Cincinnati the following season.

"Most people in football have enough courage about them and enough fight to stick through something and not quit halfway through a year," Zimmer said. "It is cowardly.

"He came in and said he resigned, he would talk to us all at a later date, walked out of the office, and no one has ever talked to him since. Not that anybody wanted to. He's a gutless (bleep). Quote that."

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