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Falcons in the community


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As we all know there are many many under-priviledged kids out there who need help getting school supplies so that maybe they can have a brighter future. One of the ways the Falcons help these kids is by raising money for a charity that makes sure they get school supplies and this is happening over a good chunk of Georgia.

Read some of this:

“I want you to know you do make such a diff erence

in our students’ lives. They don’t have to

worry if they don’t have a pencil and paper as

you have provided that for them (among other


Jan Watkins

Educator from Lilburn Elementary,

Gwinnett County

“Thank you for donating the travel packs, books,

school supplies, prize box, and other items for

the classroom. I really appreciate all the great

free stuff .”



“Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to

shop for my students. The items I brought back

really brightened their day. It is so nice of you

to remember us each year! Your thoughtfulness

means so much to us.”

Robert Jackson

Educator from Harriet Tubman Elementary

“Thank you for the paper, pencils, stapler, scissors,

notebook, Kleenex, holepuncher, folders and

most of all socks. I’ll take good care of them

because they are useful.”



“Thank you for the school supplies. They really

helped us come to school prepared. Thank you

because you helped my writing improve with

the pencils and paper.”



“Each semester we receive less and less for our

classrooms due to budget constraints. Ms. Judy

Stamps has been instrumental in enabling

teachers to fi ll in the gaps. It is businesses like

yours that make a diff erence for my students

because without your supplies, they have very


Dr. Janeth Osman

Educator, DeKalb International School

You know how this happens? The Atlanta Community Food Bank has a Kids in Need program. These are some of the recent testimonials to that program.

They do so much more too. Read a recent newsletter: http://www.acfb.org/communications/newsletters/Archive/Foodsharing_August_2010.pdf

Just thought I might mention it.

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