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Daunta's fine and the Atlanta Falcon's message board

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I think a lot of people were shocked that D-Rob got fined for his hit. First, under the existing rules what he did was totally legal. He used his shoulder pad to strike an opponent in the front of the torso, after the ball was in the hands of the receiver and after that receiver had turned his head and taken a step.

Now, I am not endorsing cheap hits or even boarderline hits. I was knocked out of football by a blind sided block in the back on a kick off many years ago that resulted in my whole left knee being rebuilt. I have no tolerance for cheap shots, but hit like D-Rob dished out are taught in pee wee (yeah, my pee wee coach use to tell us to hit them as hard as you can and to try and knock the ball lose), high school and in college. The only thing that we were told to do differently was wrap up.

By the rules and by what everyone who has ever played the sport Robinson delivered the text book tackle (sans arms wrapping around). I hate what the result was but that is the type of football I want to see played, at every level.

My question is that should we as fans maybe do the same thing as what we did for Smitty and raise money to "pay" Robinson's fine. Now, the money would go to charity and that is the only reason I would even think about "paying" a millionaire football players fine, but it would do something else. It would tell the NFL that the Fans want players safe too, but we don't want to compromise the game we love. I have no issue with an intention head shot, but D-Rob never went to the head. He did everything he was taught and expected to do.

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I think I'll pass. As a Crimes Against Children detective, I barely make enough to pay rent and groceries. And, if I were to get in trouble, and sued at work, I doubt D-Rob would be lining up to help me out.

No I understand. I was just asking. When Smitty got in MeAngelo's face we all came together about supporting him as the coach and what he did to stand up for the team.

I don't want to see our players do anything but go 100% on every play and want the defense to be feared.

I gave 10 bucks to the charity when coach smith was involved. I would do the same here only because I know that it was going to charity (I try and give something back to the community whenever I can), because I want to show support for a physical football team and I want to tell the NFL to get their act together. The fans make this league. Not the players, or the coaches or the officials... The fans do.

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