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Thought i'd take a look at who the current top teams in the NFC are playing this week...

Browns @ Saints- Think we all agree that the saints win this one go to 5-2

Eagles @ Titans- This made depend on the status of Vince Young, How good are the Eagles? If they win this then could currently be the best team in the NFC. I think that Titans sneak it if Young is good to go. An Eagles win puts them to 5-2.

Redskins @ Bears- Again a tough one to call. The outcome of this game may depend on the Bears keeping Cutler standing, Orakpo could be in for a big day. I'll take the Bears to win a low scoring affair. A Bears win puts them 5-2 Redskins win 4-3.

Vikings @ Packers- The packers injuries are killing them although Rodgers is still putting up good numbers, Not convinced by the Vikings and i guarentee Favre throws at least one INT. I'll take the Packers in a high scoring game. A Packers win puts them 4-3 / Vikings win 3-3

Giants @ Cowboys- If they Cowboys lose then they are done(if they not already!!) Giants looking good recently espacially on Defense but the Cowboys urgency and at home sees them through, just.

A cowboys win 2-4 Giants win 5-2.

Thats what i think, but what we need that best for us is;

Browns, Titans, Redskins, Vikings and Cowboys win.

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