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NFL.com talking about collision

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Cant believe I am actually saying this.......

I agree with Jim Mora JR.... :angry: He does point out that the game is vicious and violent, and it always has been. He also defends the Robinson hit, and I am not taking that from a homers perspective. The hit was a simple case of a strong hit, that used the laws of physics, and resulted in 2 guys going down hard. It clearly started as a shoulder hit that ended in both players being injured. I am sure when Dunta went into that hit, he didnt say "HAHA I am gonna smoke this fool, and myself all at the same time!"

The play happened in fractions of a second, and there is no way a human being can react that fast. There is a chapter in the book Freakonomics that covers this scenario very well. There was a study done that shows as the heart beats per minute escalate in a human being there is a "Prime" zone, if the heart beats faster than that then humans instincts take over. This auto-response to stress triggers a chain reaction inside the body to shutdown certain functions to ensure the best possible chance of survival. This is built into the very DNA of our bodies. Without going into a 9 page discussion/explanation the conclusion is thus. When given a fight or flight scenario, the human body will turn off certain areas of perception to include bowel/bladder control, vision, hearing, and logical thinking to ensure what the body determines as the best chance of survival.

There is a reason why police officers are required to stand down during certain pursuits of suspects to avoid this basic primal instinct. An outsider looking into the situation can easily say that they could have done things differently after the situation has happened. Review of the cases have shown us all the raw survival instinct of man, and they have interviewed parties involved afterward who describe things such as "Tunnel Vision", "Not hearing a sound", "Watching each bullet Strike the Target", as well as full black outs, and numerous other Super human traits.

The fact of the matter is......

No matter how much we regulate the sport, there will be things beyond our control. While I agree they need to do something for repeat offenders they also need to take into account literally unavoidable things. Imagine what kind of game this must have been for the guys in the early years?

In closing....

The hit with Dunta would have been ruled differently had it been an isolated incident. It was just bad timing, and got lumped together into a rather unfortunate series of events. That ultimately ended with the current stance from the NFL. It was never made front page news, but a sports writer on Yahoo Sports pointed this very problem out early in the season. How much are we gonna tolerate before we stop watching the NFL? How many people need to get severely hurt before we as fans say enough is enough? This guy wrote the article in the preseason. I never paid any attention to him at the time, and I couldn't give you a name to save my life. It was stated by him, and I took mental note of it.

The article was well written, and I can agree with certain points. At the same time Football has been, and hopefully always will be a sport of aggression. They get paid well to play the game, and pay justifies liability. There is a reason why miners are paid well relative to other jobs with similar skills. You are taking a risk, and with risk comes loss. If there is a contact sport that deserves this kind of focus its boxing. Ask an NFL player to play without a helmet, with a 100% chance of taking one to the chin, they might just second guess you.

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