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Robinson fined $50k

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Honestly...I didn't think D.Rob would get fined. It was helmet to shoulder pads...but it was extremely violent...perhaps that was what the fine was for...."Hitting a Defenseless Player?" Who knows....

LMAO, how exactly is he defenseless? he had the ball IN HIS HANDS!!!! what a joke man

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Are you asking me? I don't work for the NFL...I'm from the Old School...if he touches the ball..."Light Him Up"....I'm just trying to guess why the NFL would fine Robinson if in fact that they did.

No my question was not directly at you, sorry about that. Sorry but those fans who want to play the "be objective" card are being hypocrites.

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There was no infraction....None.... it was all legal

They don't give out fines for legal hits. I am sure they reviewed it at several angles before making a ruling. You people act as if they were going off the flag being thrown. That has nothing to do with assessing fines. They catch improper hits on a regular basis where no on-field penalty occurred.

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What is an E-mail address we can all send E-mails to? I for one think this is pure BS when several analysts and coaches are saying this looked legal yet the league makes an example out of a well played - 100% legal hit!

Jamie Dukes

Deion Sanders

Rod Woodson

Sterling Sharpe

All have said the Dunta play was a clean play and should not have been penalized.

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