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E-mailed Pat Yasinskas regarding the AWFUL Sam Baker


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Kind or related: On the last play for our offense Sunday when Matt "fumbled" the ball and the Eagles got it...he was noticeably upset and yelling on the sideline. I'm not sure what it was about but I thought to myself if he was frustrated with just the way the day had gone or the lack of protection on that last play.

I think it was all the above but probably upset that they called it a fumble and not incomplete.

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thanks FalconPio and thanks to the rest of you for all the reps....

I just don't understand why I have to drag the media kicking and screaming to this story when its such an obvious flaw and weakness.

I sent a similiar e-mail to D. Orlando Ledbetter. Why doesn't the media cover this angle of the Falcons obvious flaws right now. Don't just write that the Falcons lost and how they lost - any idiot that watches the game can see "what happened". We need some analysis in our media coverage, IMHO.

Exactly. And if it hits the news. (at least AJC) That should put pressure on either our coach or the actual player to do something. Atlanta teams need to hold themselves to a better standard. If we have weak link in our team, we should address it.

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More excuse-making for the golden boy under center. Elite QB keep making plays no matter the situation. Matt "death by a thousand 10yrd hook routes" Ryan needs perfect protection and for Turner to go bananas before he can play effectively. Even then it's borderline pathetic, the offensive problems begin and end with the robot in the pocket.

That's called making a valid observation based on fact, troll-boy.

You would recognize that if your agenda didn't cause you to spend the majority of your time here vilifying one particular player every time you post, especially after a loss.

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Baker just cant handle speed in open space.

IMO, his talents are great for LG.

He could work at RT as well, to not have to face the speed rushers, but I think sandwiching him between a good OT and McClure would help him shine. He has technical skill, just isnt enough of an athlete.

Agree. He doesn't need to be at LT, he should be at RT or LG.

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