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I Betcha the first play on offense this Sunday will be...


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This year, the Falcons have called pass plays on the first play of the game 3 times in 6 games. That's half.

Not sure why this same ill concieved complaint keeps coming up.

because the general perception is we have this all-world offense that's actually been set up...we've spent about a full draft on it in 3 years, yet people continue to believe we have the potential to put up 40 a game.

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If you're gonna call pass play on the first play of the game, go for it all and get the defense backing up. It doesn't matter if it complete or not.

why do people believe in this concept? if Matt Ryan gets rushed and over/underthrows the pass, why would the defense all of a sudden fear a deep threat? they just proved they can effectively defend the deep pass without backing off.

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