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Things We Need to Fix

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1) We've gotta get out of the gate faster. The last three weeks, we've found ourselves behind the eight ball in the first quarter by coming out sluggish and undisciplined. Given our reliance on the run to set up the pass, we can't afford to be down 14 after the first two drives. It forces our hand offensively and makes it FAR too easy to predict one of the 12 plays that we run on a regular basis.

2) We need to start letting our superior athletes beat teams. Our current scheme on offense is predicated on small gains here and there while waiting for teams to make mistakes in coverage.....its a strategy that works well with a young team because it limits mistakes. But as we grow as players, its time to let the superior athletes on this team start to FORCE other teams into mistakes. Why we can't take long shots to Roddy is beyond me.....and we've seen HD get open multiple times this year....so why go away from it? It all falls on Mularkey....he needs to start allowing our players to capitalize on their abilities.

I don't think there is a ton of cause for concern here....I still think we match up well with most of the league. And with a preferable schedule moving forward, the road is a pretty easy one to at least a playoff berth, if not a bye. But we need to get some things tightened up.

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