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Dunta has a concussion


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You know technically (and Im being semi serious here) Jackson should get a fine for a head to head hit. When Robinson hit Jackson in the chest with his shoulder, Jackson's head initiated contact with Robinson.

By the letter of the rule Jackson is at fault.

I guess you need to control your head better when you get blown up like that!

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From where I was sitting, I had a clear view of Robinson as he went into the locker room. He clearly had no idea of anything that was going on around him and was terribly out of it. Knew for sure it was a concussion; I'm just glad they're not saying he's in the ICU after the way he looked walking off.

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I hate that ESPN is saying on their "Bottomline" that DR was penalized for a "helmet to helmet" hit. He was not. He was flagged for hitting a "defenseless" player. All of that is 100% bull. It was not helmet to helmet and Jackson was NOT defenseless, he was actually holding the ball. Oh BTW, I'm not telling you guys as if you don't know, I'm just venting. :D

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