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O-Line Protection

Grey Goose

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I've been reading some threads on here and a couple of you made some great points about what happened yesterday and what needs to be done. I clearly agree that some of the play calling is questionable, but hey let's look at it, ITS START UP FRONT IN THE TRENCHES WITH OUR BIG GUYS ON THE O-LINE, look at the pass protection!!!!! At times they look good but ****, how can Matt Ryan throw the ball down field when the pocket is always collasping around him. Mularkey need to start attacking defenses and get them on their heels, we can't continue running the ball on first and second down then throw on third then punt. I know we are a run first team, but you can't always run the ball, you need to change up and start attacking these defenses, I hate to say but look at the Saints, Colts, Eagles, just to name a few, they attack defenses and keep them off balance. But again my friends we need better blocking by the O-LINE to begin this experiment. Not gonna even talk bout the defense, we were explotied yesterday!!! And I'm gone!!!

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