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let's keep bloody tuesday


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Watching the past two games UGA has played it has been enjoyable seeing our team physically dominate the opponents. Granted it has been a down UT and vandy but still you have got to start somewhere. UT may be down but they always play a physical brand of football (just ask LSU). We won that game on both sides of the ball at the line of scrimmage. Vandy may not be very good but they are a fundamentally sound team that usually gives an undisciplined UGA problems early on. Not so this past weekend. As I watched the game I noticed fewer missed tackles, more double teams on our NG, linebackers free to make tackles, pressure on the opposing QB, and an o-line that is driving off the ball and finishing their blocks. I think all of these things are directly related to the reemergence of "bloody tuesday". Where the 1's scrimmage full pads tackle to the ground. It has produced some unfortunate injuries (see branden smith, marlon brown and carlton thomas) but the overall result has been encouraging. I love the fact that CMR looked at what was going on and realized it wasn't working and he made a change. A lot of coaches have too much pride to stray from the norm. As the season goes on and the brutal SEC schedule takes its toll on depth charts I hope the dawgs continue with bloody tuesday. I think the results outweigh the injuries. It also doesn't hurt that the dawgs have something tangible to play for with the way the east is going this year. I think it will only get better from here. JMO and as always go dawgs!

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we actually have lost played like cornelius washington for a few games and lost branden smith it looks like for the season.. i love the tougher practices, but there are injuries you just have to deal with.. it has been good in one respect because commings and loves are playing a lot and doing well.

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