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Michael Koenen: those 30 yard punts won´t do it anymore

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For years, Michael Koenen has been untouchable and a fan favorite. His record setting 2008 year (for fewest punt return yards) and his steady good kickoffs had alot to do with it.

But how much longer can we ignore his less than stellar punting game? I am aware that our punt coverage is nothing close to what we had in the 2008 season but how much longer do we ignore those sub par 30 yard punts from Koenen?

His current stats:

#32 in punt average

#33 in net average

The most alarming trend is that even though his punts are short, they don´t have much of a hang time anymore, even 40-45 yard punts became returnable. On the rare occassion where he hits a 50 yarder, a huge return is almost guarenteed (7 returns, 132 return yards) and while sometimes the coverage is to blame for the returns, Koenen just does not have the ability to hit anything longer than 45 yards with a hang time that gives the coverage a chance to make a quick tackle.

And there is also a significant number of totally screwed up punts that travel 30 yards on a low trajectory, bounce around and sometimes in favor of the return team.

With the kind of game plan we are executing, we can´t continue to lose the field position battle. Currently, a three & out means that the opponent receives the ball at their 40 yard line or even midfield, that is a sure way to lose any game.

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He's also #10 in the league with punts stopped inside the 20 (which hurts both his distance and net averages) and he's #1 in the league with punts fair caught. Of punters with more than 4 punts this season, he's #2 in fewest number of punts returned.

If he's not putting punts up high routinely, then he wouldn't lead the league in FC's or be 2nd in fewest number of punts returned.

What that does say is our punt coverage sucks. Could be a combination of bad punts/bad coverage, but IMO it's mostly bad coverage (with a couple of bad punts in there). Koenen has the 12th MOST punts in the league & 2nd FEWEST number of returns. He's only had 7 punts returned all season it's our coverage that has allowed an average of 18.85 yards per punt returned this season.

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