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The Problem is When We Can't Run, We Can't Throw


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We started our first series with 2 straight Turner runs. We started our second series with two straight Turner runs. It went downhill from there. On a day where all 4 of our starting receivers played. Our entire first string offensive line played. Most of our starters on the defense played (sans Weatherspoon). We got scorched! Midway through the 4th quarter Ryan goes deep down the right sideline.... the ball SHORT HOPS THE RECEIVER! He consistantly overthrew receivers before that.

My point is that we've seen this time and time again and it doesn't change. Yes, we've beaten a few teams with plays that went our way, but this isn't how you drive towards the playoffs. Our dinky offsense is awful and you can blame whoever you want to. Our defense is better, but Mr. DeCoud was again beaten deep when we let the receiver go past him. Mike Smith is a good coach, but he needs to seriously evaluate what this team is not doing. We have trouble shifting gears in games. Our offsense is having trouble against multiple defensive sets who bring heat from various directions that we cannot seem to pick up. Unitl something happens, do not expect much more than you've seen. Six games into the season, this is what the Falcons are.

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The problem in my view was we let them out to a big lead and they controled TOP.Now we are a team that is built to front run not chase sure we did'nt run the ball and it makes Ryan less effective no doubt but I'm sure the reason why we threw the ball so much is because we got behind big early which really through us in my view and screwed our gameplan.

On the flipside I'm not prepared to panic as I'm sure alot of theories will be battered around on the boards this week.I belive we just had a bad day and did'nt execute our gameplan the way we'd have liked.Its totally fixable and I have complete faith in MS and the staff to get it soughted for the Bengals next week.

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You have to realize that... Its the way our Offense is built... Matt Ryan sack total is normally so low because he gets the ball out of his hands... We dont have the O-Line to play catchup... They are built to pound teams in the ground in the 4th quarter... not pass protect... If you want to become that type of team... you have to bring in that type of O-Lineman...

It all starts with protection and the gameplan... We are built to be a run first team.

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