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I am Hopeful this Loss Serves up Some Humble Pie


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There are a plethora of issues that we could discuss and we could try to diagnose the problems and point fingers, but we just have to look at this game as a wake up -- mainly, to the coaching staff.

I am in the mindset that the players are sticking with the game plans; they obviously did not execute against Philly, but lets be honest -- besides the gameplans with New Orleans and Arizona, I haven't seen the logic in the way Mularkey is working the offense. I know a lot of us have felt that way for a long time, but what does it take get Mularkey to be accountable and creative?

The defense has been solid -- but I really feel BVG failed to make any positive adjustments today at halftime and that's unacceptable. I think the D can bounce back however.

Ryan needs to be let off the **** leash and allowed to go straight into the no-huddle offense whenever he sees fit. Especially when you are struggling to convert on 3rd Down -- he has been so effective with the no-huddle. Will he be perfect? No. Will we convert all 3rd Downs, probably not. But, nevertheless, Mularkey and Smith owe it to the offense to let them prove themselves.

We all know you cannot win them all, but you MUST win on the road as much as possible -- The next step for this team to rise up is to prove we can consistently beat good teams on the ROAD.

Either way, you know this team will move on and start getting ready for the Bengals, which has to happen here -- we too need to honor that and move on.


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