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The Hit


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Robb4242, good work throughout this thread. As you pointed out, this was the proper call according to the way the rule is worded. In fact, the league is now threatening to suspend players for similar hits.

No it isn't. You must be an eagles fan

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I don't know what you watched, but Robinson clearly led with the crown of his helmet to Jackson's shoulder, by rule a penalty, but I don't think worthy of a fine.

Moose said it best, "I don't know how you're going to take this out of the game". When you have a contact sport where 180 lb players a running at high speed in the vicinity of 240 lb players, bad things will happen. It's always going to be a subjective call and tough for a defensive player who is told all week to hit hard and separate the ball from the WR.

Watch the video. I watched the game and rewinded it numerous times trying to see where the helmet to helmet contact came from. what is he supposed to do in that situation? They were both going full speed and I believe he hit him on the shoulder (as seen on the second view).

Dunta hit

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