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poll on who messed it up today

Guest fibonacci

who lost it for us today?  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. who lost it for us today

    • DC
    • OC
    • DC and OC
    • matt ryan
    • D
    • O
    • D and O
    • mike smith
    • everyone lost
  2. 2. do you think they will change anything from this?

    • fire coach's
    • yell at them
    • tell the coach's its ok, its just one game
    • trade players
    • yell at players
    • bench players
    • its just one game, everyone is being cry baby's and this is no big deal

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Guest mashburn

before you vote read this first.

the O does the same thing we run everytime. they bunch the players up and think turner will find a whole with all of the D side by side to each other.

when we throw the only thing that looks to work is cut backs.

The D plays zone coverage way to much zone coverage

are punts are getting returned badly, and the kicks are short. when they kick from the 30 of the eagles today, and only make it to the 35 of the falcons is sad. and then it still gets returned for 10+ yards

punt returns are kneed a lot, and when they do come out it is usually only to the 15 maybe 20. maybe 3 times it has gone to the 30 maybe once to the 40

last year we had hurt players all over the place, so we had a good excuse. but they changed up plays and played there hearts out. the year before that ryan looked like he took control of our O and D was coached good or they did it on thier own.

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Guest mashburn

I think its our coaches. I don't see mike smith yelling at the players, which leads me to think its the coach's.

but i don't think the team will do anything for a couple of reasons. first it is rare to do it in mis season. and for two I think a lot of them are saying its one game, instead of saying we lost two and barelly one two and only killed one team, and the browns should have been a killed team as well. and the two we won was barelly wins.

I don't see them letting matt taking control until the fourth quarter. cause its the same plays for the O. and then fourth quarter comes and it just looks like matt gets pissed and turns off the mic and does stuff his way.

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Guest mashburn

and I think if you let a kid steal a cany bar, then he will end up stealing a pack of cards one day then it involves into much worse until the day he lands in jail for stealing a car.

the coach's are teaching our players wrong, an it will only get worse.

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