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That to be good in the NFL you need to win at home and split on the road. Yes we lost today, to a fairly decent Eagles team. Yes I hate the Eagles as much as you do. Yes I wanted that win sooooo badly. However, if you wanna look it from an often belittled perspective (optimism, im staring at you!), the Falcons have achieved that long spoken-of "NFL goal" of winning at home and splitting on the road. We are 2-0 at home. Don't be quick to forget matt ryan's absolutely stellar home record yall. Also we have split on road, standing at 2-2 thus far, snagging an unbelievably key (not to mention awesome) win in Nawlins. So have faith, people! Yes, i hate giving a team as disgusting as the Eagles respect, but they are a halfway decent NFL football team. Just put this horrid game in the back of your mind and cheer on the Falcons in whatever way you can next week, be it at home, at the bar, or in the Dome when they take on the Bengals. That is your main priority! Support your team through the good and bad (patience is a virtue, after all).

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