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Might not be a liked post but

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I know i posted earlier about bringing in other guys to help the team being a bad idea but watching the vikings and cowbutts tonight its clear to me they need help in their secondary. I know ours is not the best but there could be a guy thats expendable to make a trade with them. Possibly Bernard Berrian for one of our CBs? It wouldnt hurt to have an extra guy to help stretch the field and he isnt being used much in their offense and will be used even less when Rice returns. It could be something they go for. He isnt the flashiest or by far the top wideout they hoped him to be when grabbing him in FA but i think his speed could help open up the field

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Wouldnt matter to me who goes really. Grimes and DRob can stay the others are good for the team but it was a thought to help open the field. The guy is still fast, its not like he has to play the whole game to have "gas in the tank" just to help stretch the field everynow and then. Its obvious it isnt going to happen tho

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