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We need to start playing with urgency earlier in games.


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It's amazing how we don't start showing up in games until its almost too late. I said last week that our offense was garbage and I'm sticking by that. We lack continuity and rhythm. And we have to have the most predictable offense in the league. We try sooo hard to establish the run early and we start every gale slow because of this. It's always short throws to the flats to start the game. Maybe we should come put firing deep every now and then. Everybody knows we want to run the ball, so switch it up. These early holes are getting out of hand.

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Now this is real talk.

Absolutely agree. We always run the same plays to open up the game. 2 short runs that the defense is expecting and then a pass to the flat or a short slant.

I know we script our first 10 plays or so. Why not script it with play action on the first play or just outright throw it deep to keep the defense honest?

My God, I know the coaches are the professionals but WTF do they think they're doing? Other play-callers get it. MM doesn't again it's not his fault entirely. Our line is atrocious. What happened to them being the nasty boys? F0ck pushing a guy after the whistle was blown. Knock them on their a55 and move onto the second level. I hate this line right now. They are the problem.

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