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5 Critical Problems with Team

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I don't mind the loss I expect us to lose games on the road. Remember win at home and split on the road and you're doing pretty darn good. The way we lost this game really bugs me though! There are 5 things that must change.

1. The Offensive lacks creativity,is boring, is predicatable and the OC is the blame.

2. The Offensive line is not not getting it done as far as protection.

3. Matt Ryan's vision of the field is POOR.

4. The defense is still in need of overhaul at a few positions, I think #55 is done.

5. Defense poor at making adjustments

Now some of these issues are connected but overall the front office needs to recognize and fix the problems. WE CANNOT COMPETE WITH WHAT WE ARE PUTTING ON THE FIELD RIGHT NOW. I think we are still growing and will eventually get it together but its hard to be patient when it goes unaddressed week to week. Next Game...

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