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I love the way Dunta plays


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Say what you want about him being overpaid, but he has not given up a TD yet. Yeah he has been beaten some, but

what CB doesn't? And when he get's beat he still doesn't give up on the play. And we all knew he could bring the

wood. And IMO that was a clean bone crushing hit. This is exactly the type of corner we have been lacking. He is

the leader back there and he leads by example. He doesn't talk a whole lot, he just goes out there and plays

hard and I think the rest of the secondary has bought into what he has brought to this team. BTW. I hope the

injury is not too serious. We need you Dunta.

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When Dunta went out of the game, our pass D was just horrible..

But I dont think its the personell, I really think its BVG being a dumb %#% and going "Oh Dunta isnt there, im gonna play 20 yards off now".. BVG really needs to be fired, along with MM =/ they are ruining this really skilled team with their horrid playcalling

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I've been complaining about Dunta and I must give him props. That hit was huge. Legal or not, that hit said, you are not going to catch the ball without paying the cost.

You can feel a difference in the game after that hit. It was as if the Eagles were willing to respect us for at least fighting. That hit was huge. Thank you Dunta for not going out like a punk. The rest of the defense other than Moore and Lofton I don't know.

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With all the Dunta hate going around, I was going to jot down every time the Eagles threw at him and the results. The Eagles threw at him once, an incompletion, before he went out with an injury. Kolb did seem to pick on our LBers more than anyone else. But he wasn't shy about throwing at Owens and Grimes either. Grimes did almost come up with a sweet INT though. But he also gave up a TD pass.

Hands down, Dunta is our best CB. Anybody who can't see that isn't looking. Grimes is good, but he's not as good as Dunta. And Owens is not in the same league as either of them. If you didn't notice, Owens bit on the fake reverse, letting Maclin run free downfield on his 83 yard TD. The replay and the announcers showed it on DeCoud, but The reason DeCoud was chasing him was because Owens abandoned his coverage.

Any word on Dunta's injury?

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